Invitación a la plática “Potential Applications of Deep Learning to Geosciences”

La Dirección de Servicios en Exploración y Producción invita a al personal del IMP interesado, a la plática:

“Potential Applications of Deep Learning to Geosciences”

Que será impartida por Pedro Mario Cruz e Silva, de la Compañía Solution Architec Manager, NVIDIA

El evento tendrá lugar el martes 22 de octubre de 2019, de las 11:00 a las 12:30 horas, en las salas 1 y 2 del Mezzanine de la Torre IMP.


In this talk, some of key applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications to the Oil & Gas industry will be presented. Modern AI is the 4th industrial revolution. Deep Learning (DL) is the Machine Learning (ML) technique enabling breakthroughs in several industrial, business, and scientific workflows. The new NVIDIA’s Deep Learning platform is providing the computational power demanded by the recent advances in AI. The new Volta family of GPUs was specially designed to attend the High-Performance Computing workloads necessary to train a Deep Neural Network with a huge amount of data. The latest version of the CUDA language (version 9), and NVIDIA SDKs were improved to include specialized and highly optimized algorithms to extract GPUs full potential in DNN training and inference tasks. Large variety of training data can be efficiently used for training including text, audio, images, and video. This new computing model is delivering outstanding results in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Language Translation, Speech Recognition, Recommendation Systems, Logistics, and Autonomous Cars and other machines. Potential applications in Well-Log estimation, Facies Classification, and Seismic Interpretation will be presented.

Pedro Mário Cruz e Silva did his BSc (1995), and MSc (1998) at Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), he also did his DSc in 2004 at PUC-Rio. Worked for 15 years as Manager of Computational Geophysics Group at PUC-Rio, during this period was responsible for several Software Development and R&D projects for Geophysics with strong focus on innovation. He also finished an MBA in 2015 at Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV/RJ). He is member of the main board of The Brazilian Geophysical Society (SBGf). Currently is the Solution Architect Manager at NVIDIA responsible for all technologies in the Latin America Region.


Jorge Alfonso Mendoza Amuchástegui

Director de Servicios en Exploración y Producción