Te esperamos hoy a las 11:00 horas en la conferencia “Smart Data Analytics for the Oil and Gas Industry”

 La Dirección de Investigación en Transformación de Hidrocarburos

invita a la conferencia:

“Smart Data Analytics for the Oil and Gas Industry”

Que será presentada por el 
Prof. John McCall, Robert Gordon University, UK.

Próximo lunes 15 de enero, 
Auditorio Bruno Mascanzoni, 11:00 horas.


The energy sector spans from traditional carbon-based non-renewable sources such as oil and gas through nuclear to modern renewables including wind, tide and solar energy. All of these technologies are resource-intensive: they require massive investment in the construction of expensive assets and their maintenance over several decades.

Recent advances in sensors, data management and cloud computing are transforming the environment for operations managers in these industries. Large, rich datasets can be readily assembled from diverse sources with substantial computational power available for analytics.

This creates a fertile environment for the application of smart data analytics. Predictive modelling, machine learning and optimization algorithms can support decision-makers in the management and maintenance of highly valuable assets, where even small percentage cost reductions can amount to millions of dollars. In fact, the application of computational intelligence can be transformative, leading to large-scale efficiencies and major changes in operations.

In this talk, I will focus on the potential for smart data analytics to impact on the oil and gas industry. I will discuss the benefits and limitations of current state-of-the-art approaches along with important research and practical challenges.

Short Profile: Professor John McCall, Robert Gordon University, UK

John McCall is Head of School of Computer Science and Digital Media and the Director of the Smart Data Technologies research centre at Robert Gordon University.  He has researched in computational intelligence for 25 years, making novel contributions to a range of metaheuristic optimisation algorithms and predictive machine learning methods.  He has over 100 peer-reviewed publications in books, international journals and conferences. These have received over 1300 citations and an h-index of 21.

He is well known and active in the international computational intelligence research community. He has been a member of the influential IEEE Evolutionary Computing Technical Committee for several years and is an Associate Editor of IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine.

He has chaired a range of workshops and special sessions at major international conferences. In July 2018 he will chair a workshop on Intelligent Operations Management in the Energy Sector at the ACM Genetic and Evolutionary Computational Conference (GECCO) in Kyoto, Japan.

McCall and his research group at RGU specialise in industrial applications, adding intelligent components to existing commercial software or creating new software tools for optimisation and decision support. Application areas include predictive maintenance, decision support for process control, data-driven operations management, planning and logistics, staff rostering and scheduling, medical treatment optimisation and bio-control. His work in supply vessel scheduling was shortlisted for an Offshore Achievement Award in March 2017 and his work in data-driven operations management with British Telecom was awarded a Global Telecoms Business Award in May 2017.

McCall has strong industry links and generates substantial funding each year from industry and research funding agencies in support of his work. Collaborators include large global companies in telecommunications, oil & gas and offshore wind energy as well as a number of small to medium sized enterprises. He is a founding director of two companies: Celerum Ltd., which provides consultancy and general optimisation services; and PlanSea Ltd., which focuses on optimised marine planning and logistics.


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