First Conference on Innovation and Technology in the Oil and Gas Industry in Latin America and the Caribbean

First Conference on Innovation and Technology in the Oil and Gas Industry in Latin America and the Caribbean

16th – 17th October 2017 Mexico City Auditorium of the Mexican Petroleum Institute

The importance of the subject

There are several indications that the price of oil will not go back to the 2008 prices. To survive in this scenario, most of the industry is focusing on new operational and management approaches with a special emphasis on technology and innovation.

In an international survey made in 2015 by the Lloyd’s Register Energy Oil and Gas Technology Radar, the three most important drivers to invest in innovation were: to improve operational efficiency, to reduce costs and to improve access to reserves. In the same survey, the number one priority -by and large- to maintain innovation in a tight costs environment, was to increase collaboration with other industry players.

In 2016 the Regional Association of Oil, Gas and Biofuels Sector Companies in Latin America and the Caribbean (ARPEL) and Y-TEC organized in Argentina a high-level multi-stakeholder encounter to discuss how technological solutions may represent a fundamental cornerstone to sustain competitive advantages and, above all, to evolve and articulate new applied knowledge, goods and services related to the entire value chain of the oil and gas sector.

The Argentina meeting recognized that ARPEL was in an excellent position to take the lead in promoting cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean through a virtual technology and innovation platform gathering different stakeholders: operators (end users), technology providers, universities, R & D center and start-ups as well as professional associations and government agencies (local or international).

Following this initiative, the Mexican Petroleum Institute (IMP) and ARPEL will join efforts to develop the “First Conference on Innovation and Technology in the Oil and Gas Industry in Latin America and the Caribbean” during 16th – 17th October in Mexico City.

The Conference will present key technological advances and the performance of the implementation of new technologies on key issues of the Latin American and the Caribbean oil and gas industry value chain, from upstream to downstream operations, including cross-cutting issues such as energy efficiency, safety and environment. The event will also be the venue at which the INNOV@ARPEL virtual platform will be launched.

Who should participate of the Conference?

The conference will include panelists from world-class operating and service providing companies addressing the issues from the strategic, management and operative point of view. R&D centers of Latin America and the Caribbean as well as research-focused companies and academia will present their latest products, patents and lines of research and their potential applicability to oil and gas industry operations.

The following professionals/companies will find this conference of great value:

• oil and gas industry top executives, as well as production, operation and project managers and supervisors,

• industry professionals working in innovation areas and in charge of projects’ analysis and development,

• R&D centers and associations,

• post-grad university students focused on research in the oil and gas industry,

• members of oil and gas industry professional associations,

• professionals working in companies that are part of the value chain, like consultancy or engineering, design and construction (EDC) companies and oilfield services providers,

• others?


ARPEL is a non-profit association gathering oil, gas and biofuels sector companies and institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean. Founded in 1965 as a vehicle of cooperation and reciprocal assistance among sector companies, its main purpose is to actively contribute to industry integration and competitive growth, and to sustainable energy development in the region.

Its membership currently represents over 90% of the upstream and downstream activities in the region and includes national, international and independent operating companies, providers of technology, goods and services for the value chain, and national and international sector institutions.

Regional Headquarters:
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CP 11200, Montevideo, Uruguay
Ph.: +(598) 2410 6993 |


IMP, founded in 1965, is an institution of the Mexican State whose purpose is to generate technical and technological capabilities to the oil industry, from exploration to industrial transformation.

Currently, for Pemex, the regulatory bodies and new operators carry out research, technological development, innovation and scaling of processes and products; the provision of technological services oriented to optimize the processes of production and transformation; as well as the national and international commercialization of its results in the hydrocarbons sector and the formation of highly specialized human resources.

Its headquarters are located in Mexico City, where, in addition to administrative offices, some of the twelve laboratories are located with which it contributes in an integral way to the development of the production processes of the oil industry upstream, downstream and intermediate waters and with a deconcentrated structure with regional representations, for the attention to customers, identification of needs and promotion of technological solutions and services.

Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas Norte 152, San Bartolo Atepehuacan,
Ciudad de México. C.P. 07730
Tel.: (55) 9175-6000